Steel Fabrication

Dalby General Steel provides a steel fabrication service in our workshop at Yumborra Rd in Dalby. Our experienced steelworks can create any custom job that you need.

We have a large quantity of equipment in our warehouse in order to do the biggest and smallest of Jobs. From big fabrication jobs for the mining and construction industry, to making gates and small parts for the DIY and Handyman, we have a large range of equipment in our warehouse to complete what you need. We also have a sheet metal workshop where we can guilo and fold almost anything.

Skills and equipment include:

Sheet Metal Guilo and Folder up to 3mm thick and 2400mm wide

Large Drill Press

Large Press

Lathe and Milling Machine

Band Saws

Hole Punch Machine

Price cutter (CNC) available to cut up to 150mm  thick plate

Rolling machine ( 3mm)

Mig and Tig Welding

Crop and Bar Chopper

Onsite welding and repairs


As part of our general fabrication workshop, we manufacture onsite our adjustable house stumps, which we produce and sell tens of thousands per year. We also weld up the stumps onto the RHS or CHS of your required size and thickness.

Need a quote for a custom job? Please contact us today to speak to one of our experts.